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An Authentic Bread Making Course, Tarifa (Spain)

Publicado por admin el 24 marzo, 2017
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Authentic Bread Making Course, Tarifa (Spain)


As you know, at MRC Abroad we are firm believers of immersing oneself in the culture and traditions of the country you are in.

Food is a passion of ours and there is no better place to feed that passion than here in Spain. So over the weekend I did a bread making course, learning to make traditional breads from Andalucia using the finest local ingredientes. This course wasn’t just to learn how to make bread for me; it was also to learn & improve my Spanish through doing something I love!

One of the breads we made was Pan Macho, which is a heavier bread using Rye and traditionally found in the south. Another bread wasPan de Calabaza, which is Pumpkin bread with bags of flavour. We also added some chocolate shavings to some of our loaves to give them a sweeter note.

In the end, we took home 7 loaves each and plenty of new vocabulary to use next time we are in the local Panaderia.

• Centeno – Rye
• La Masa – The mixture
• Levadura – Yeast
• Harina de Trigo – Wheat Flour

Immersion activities are something we are so passionate about at MRC Abroad rather than restrciting yourself to the classroom. You will be surprised by how much you will pick up by getting yourself out there in and amongst the local people as if you were one of them.

Visit us at so we can help you organise your immersion course in Andalucia.


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